Do you deliver the portable toilets?

Yes, we offer free delivery of portable toilets within 30 miles from our offices in Missoula & Corvallis, MT. For those areas over 30 miles away from us, if we can deliver when we are in the area we won't charge.

How often should a portable toilet be serviced?

We service our units at least once a week. Once the unit is used the deodorizer starts to break down and in the summer they start to smell sooner. In the winter the liquid will freeze, we do use a salt brine that helps prevent freezing. We like to keep our units in the best usable condition for our customers.

Should a portable toilet be staked down?

We recommend that portable toilets are staked down if possible. It helps prevent the wind from blowing over the portable toilets.

How do you dispose of waste from a portable toilet?

At Sweet Pea Sewer & Septic, we haul the portable toilet waste back to our yards and screen it to remove all the garbage. We then land apply all of the waste.

What is the blue liquid inside a portable toilet?

Our portable toilets contain a blue liquid which is a non-formaldehyde environmentally friendly chemical that deodorizes and breaks down the paper and waste.